The fig is all Barrage except for the wave 7 Gung-Ho thighs and Helo-Duke calves and hands. I hadda cut-n-paste the wrist plugs on the two sets of hands since they have such different construction; but I thought the Barrage hands were a tad small-looking. The shoulder pad is from a Gundam Zaku fig, and the mask is Zartan's Flint mask all shaved, filed, and cut up. The pouches are off a random bbi dude, and the smiley button is a printout on label paper stuck to a bit of 1mm plexi.

I'm most proud of the fact that the suspenders are "real". I cut some of those lil' black rubberbands (just like the clear ones that constantly interfere with us getting our toys out of the tray) and glued them to the tops of his pants.

I also took the dremel to his face for the scar; but it doesn't show well in the pic.

Eddie Blake started out as a bombastic, jive-talking crimefighter, with the nom-du-guerre The Comedian. Over the years, his case file brought out a more fascistic side of his personality and he began to take more extreme actions to end the threat of the criminals he faced. In one case, his trail led him to the doorstep of the Presidential Palace in the Latin American nation of Costa Oro, where he shot the corrupt El Presidente Guerrero in the head, thus ending a decade-long reign of terror for the citizens of Costa Oro and the flow of poisonous KT-28 streaming into America. The Comedian was hailed as a hero.

Noticing this, certain elements in the American government were pleased with the idea of having a "rogue agent" in their employ to perform the actions they were disallowed to do by international law, or by their higher-ups in the government itself. They sought him out and arranged for him to undergo formal training in the various military spec-ops schools.

Major Clayton Abernathy was quite unhappy with the sudden and unexplained assignment of a brash and loud-mouthed "soldier" into his Ranger team; but he trained him to the best of his ability until he was just as suddenly and inexplicably re-assigned elsewhere. Maj. Abernathy was livid when he realized a Middle Eastern sheikh was killed using a method he himself invented and the Comedian was credited with the kill in the news. Putting 2 and 2 together, he realized who his earlier trainee was and who his real commanders were. The idea of a team of the best specialists working above-the-board towards noble goals was planted at that moment; and he began networking amongst the various branches of the military while on assignment to the Pentagon.

The Comedian has been known to operate with a group that call themselves the Watchmen.

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