Head- Flint 94
Torso- Viper 03
Arms- Hot Seat 89
Hands- Big Ben 02
Waist- Cold Front 90
Upper legs- Backblast 89
Lower Legs- Hit & Run 88
M4 rifle- Marauder Inc.
Backpack- Spearhead 88
Helmet- Duke 00

The GI Joe team's field commander and self-described, 'Man of Action'.

This originally started out as a personal custom project but ended up a commission work.
Duke was another GI Joe character that despite his popularity, he never got a decent head sculpt. A few were close but they just didn't make it. I always liked how he looked in the Sunbow cartoons from the 80's and felt that this was his best look and that's what I based his head sculpt on. After the long and arduous trial and error process, I finally got his head to look how I want it.
As with the commission, the task was to give Duke a modern update that maintains many of his classic elements...which I have done successfully.

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