Parts used:
Head- Desert Scorpion 91 w/ MTF tactical helmet
Torso- Barricade 92
Arms- Cobra Commander 01
Waist- Duke 00
Upper legs- Voltar 88
Lower legs- Hit & Run 88

When I committed to doing this project, I wanted to take as few liberties as possible and stay true to their original designs as much as I can while giving them a unique makeover in ARAH form.

Eagle Eye is probably my most favorite character of the GI Joe: Resurgence project so far and it was fun making him into ARAH form. When I was making Eagle Eye, I had to take special care with the modifications to his torso, as Barricade's torso is known to crack and break if too much pressure is applied. I cut the top half of a Marauder Task Force tactical helmet off and scratch-built the face shield with epoxy putty for his head.

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