Head: Leatherneck 01
Torso: Mainframe 86
Arms: I dont remember
Waist: Low Light 86
Upper legs: Big Ben 91
Lower Legs: Low Light 86

Googles: Black Out 03
Backpack: Capt. Grid Iron 90 (modified)
Pistol: Lady Jaye 03
Sniper Rifle: ?

Here is another ARAH version of a JvC/VvV figure. Pouches and a holster were added to Black Outs torso and the backpack was made from a Grid Iron backpak, a Baroness "purse" and a canteen. I really feel that this a good look for Black Out. The head choice was a no brainer and I personally feel it is a big improvement over the v1 figure. This is another custom I am proud of and I feel he will make a perfect advisary to my new Cross Hair figure.


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