Head: Barrel Roll 03
Torso: Sure Fire 02
Arms: Low Light 86
Waist: Barbeque 85
Legs: Sure Fire 02

Helmet: AP Airborne
Dragonov Sniper Rifle: Marauder Inc.
HK-G36C Assault Rifle: Marauder Inc.

Well...Barrel Roll...I really like the character, I really like the v1 figure but I just have a hard time getting behind the idea of a "High Altitude Sniper". The problem I had when coming up with this custom is his code name just doesn't make sense if he is not doing something in the air. To solve this, while it is not great, I see him doing double duty using his glider to discreetly get to a good location from which to snipe. So he is a sniper and a glider pilot. I just don't see him doing both at the same time. I tried to stay close to the original color scheme and am very happy with the result.

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