Head: Leatherneck 01
Torso: Stretcher 90
Arms: Double Clutch CP 04
Waist: Updraft 91
Legs: Mainframe 86

M-16: General Abernathy CP 04 w/Chap Mei sling
Backpack Voltar 88
Mic: Stretcher 90
Pistol: InToyz SWAT
Holster: InToyz SWAT
Helmet: Duke 00 w/21st Century Headset

This figure has been done for well over a year. I just seem to have forgotten to post him. Breaker has always been one of my favorite characters. He was my first figure back in 1982 along with the Rapid Fire Motorcycle. Breaker has slight modifications to his torso, backpack and helmet as well the addition of the working holster. Having Breaker finished gets me one step closer to completing my "Original 13". Perhaps one day I will get them all done.

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