Head: Salvo 90
Torso: Iron Grenadier 88
Arms: Knockdown 87
Waist: Knockdown 87
Upper Legs: Knockdown 87
Lower Legs: Buzzer 85

SMG: Iron Grenadier 03
Pistol: Lady Jaye 03

Alexander McCullen was another character that I had yet to see an ARAH version of so I decided to give it a shot. I went with the 88 Iron Grenadiers torso to help tie him to the Iron Grenadier faction. I decided on the 90 Salvo head for two reasons. First, I did not want to use a Spy Troops Roadblock head. I wanted something different form the Alexander customs I have seen. Second, I was curious to see what the Salvo head would look like if I painted it to be an African-American character. While painting the head was the hardest part of the custom, I am happy with the result. Also, I went with silver accents instead of gold because I just can't stand gold and I thought it would make a nice contrast when I put Alexander with an IG Destro figure. I see Alexander upgrading to gold when he finally takes over the Iron Grenadiers and M.A.R.S.

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