Head: Corps
Torso: General Flag '92
Arms: Iceberg '86
Upper legs: Sci Fi '91
Lower legs: Iceberg '86

Rifle: Recondo '84 (modified with Outback '93 scope and barrel)
Backpack: Captain Grid-Iron (peg cut off and drilled two holes)
Snow shoes: Accessore Pack '88

Cold Shot was born in Alaska as the son of a gamekeeper. His father taught him everything he needed to know about working, hunting and surviving in the extreme conditions of the arctic. When he went on a patrol with his father one day, they saw a man on a snowmobile in the distance, chased by a strange, bigger snow vehicle. That vehicle fired at the snowmobile which broke down, hurling the driver to the ground. The driver obviously was injured and he sought cover behind the damaged snowmobile. Three men stepped out of the strange, big vehicle, approaching the injured man with guns pointing at him.

Cold Shot couldn't tolerate this scene and fired a warning shot in front of the three armed men, despite his father's advice not to intervene in this situation. The three guys immediately returned fire. Cold Shot took them down with three precise head shots. He and his father ran towards the injured guy, provided first aid and called for medical support. This man was Blizzard, who was chased by a Cobra WOLF, driven by an Ice Viper and two Snow Serpents. Cold Shot was then invited to an arctic Joe base where Blizzard, Frostbite and Iceberg thanked him for his actions,while also making a tour around the base and having dinner in the end. During the conversation, the Joe team and their battle against Cobra cropped up and Frostbite asked Cold Shot if he ever considered joining the military. He got hooked by that idea and started his military training the following year. Four years later, he was asked to join the arctic Joe forces.

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