Head: Big Brawler '01
Torso: Euro Exclusive Tiger Force Sneek Peak
Arms: Euro Exclusive Tiger Force Sneek Peak
Waist: Destro '83
Legs: Snake Eyes '89

Helmet: Mutt '84
Gun: Recondo '88
Backpack: Big Brawler '01

Despite him being quick tempered, Big Brawler was selected to be part of the Tiger Force because of his experience in jungle missions and survival knowledge. Together with Outback and Recondo, the three men form the most outstanding and unbeatable team one could sent on a jungle mission.

Big Brawler seems to be a figure that's not very popular with most collectors. I don't see why, I think he's just another nice addition to the Joe team. Being a jungle specialist, I figured he'd also deserve a spot on the Tiger Force so I LBC-ed him this outfit.

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