Nose: Rolling Thunder '88 missile top
Body: Thunderclap '89 cannon
Arms: Gung Ho '84

I decided to pick an enemy for the 65th NJC that's well known in the Super Mario universe. Bullet Bill appeared in the majority of Mario games and can be seen in some different looks. I chose the classic look to make since that's how I encountered him the most when playing Super Mario. I had to find some tube for the body and a conical shape for the nose. For the nose I started looking in my rocket bin, but all of those were too small. The only one that would work was the top of the Rolling Thunder missile. Didn't have a spare one, so I used one from my childhood/display RT. I used a General mortar for the body at first, but the Thunderclap cannon needed less modifications. The hardest part was painting the eyes.
Besides painting the eyes, a lot of work also went into the arms as well. I had to make them fit into the hole and drilled a tiny hole in them. That's where the toothpick was attached. Now the arms can move in every direction, just like a normal ARAH figure. Not that it's usefull, the way the arms are positioned as in the pics is the most recognizable position on Bullet Bill.

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