Head: Airborne '90
Torso: Crystal Ball '87
Arms: Grunt '91
Waist: Raptor '87
Legs: Raptor '87

Knives: unknown
Boomerangs: Corps!
Crossbow: Scarlett '03

This was my third entry for the 48 hour LBC contest from the Custom Celebration IX.

The Crystal Ball torso and the Raptor waist + legs was a combo that I quickly found. Finding suitable arms was different story. Grunt's arms eventually were the only ones I had that could fulfill that task.
Airborne's face looks a bit mean, just like most of the Dreadnoks do so that made me decide he had to be a Dreadnok.
The weapons were the last thing I added to the figure. I searched for a specialty that I hadn't seen among the Dreadnoks yet.

"Edger used to be knife thrower in a circus before he joined the Dreadnoks."

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