Head: Beach Head '86 (modified with a visor cut from a Soldier Force head)
Torso: Law (modified with Major Bludd '91 arm grenades)
Upper arms: Nunchuk '94
Lower arms: Fast Draw '87
Waist: Shockwave '88
Upper legs: Beach Head '94
Lower legs: Falcon '87

Gun: Ozone '93

Formerly known as Maverick, Agent Zero has been a member of the X-men, team X and took part in the Weapon X program.
He lost his powers during M-day, an event that caused 90% of all mutants losing their powers.
Even without his mutant powers, Zero is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant, a precision marksman, and an expert in covert operations and demolitions.

I took some creative freedom regarding the colours as you can see in the comparison pic. I didn't like the green so much.

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