Head: Viper '02 (convention)
Torso: A.V.A.C. '86
Arms: Viper '02 (convention)
Waist: A.V.A.C. '86
Legs: A.V.A.C. '86

Gun: Marauder Inc.
Backpack: Firefly '04 (TRU Cobra Strike Team)

For this LBC I wanted to use parts from A.V.A.C. His red is a little difficult to match though, so it took a while before I noticed the Convention Viper. Not exactly a figure from my fodder bin...

After I made this new combination I had to come up with a name. Silver and especially the red pointed me in the direction of the Crimson Guard. The figure didn't look like an ordinary soldier so I made him an elite soldier.

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