Head: Dial Tone '86
Torso: Gung Ho '92
Arms: Big Boa '87
Waist + legs: Nunchuck '92

Gun: Dusty '02
Shotgun: Muskrat '87
Backpack: Crimson Shadow Guard '05

Codename: Drudger
Jungle Warfare Specialist

Name: McCraigh, Joseph
Birthplace: Indianapolis, Indiana
Primary Military Specialty: Jungle Warfare
Secondary Military Specialty: Ranger


As a kid, the Vietnam War fascinated Drudger. He went straight into the army after high school. Passed through Ranger and Jungle Warfare Training Centre to become a specialist in jungle combat. General Hawk noticed his passion, knowledge and battle skills and did some research of his career. All his former commanders and trainers told the general the same thing: he's the strongest, toughest and most motivated soldier under any circumstance. Even after a week with only eight hours of sleep, dirty wet clothes and all the nasty things you can imagine in a jungle, he's always the first to get going on and complete the job. Plus, he never complains. He doesn't even talk at all that much. Just a calm and introvert man, but his deeds just speak for themselves.

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