Head: Dial-Tone '85
Torso: TF Lifeline '88
Arms: TF Lifeline '88
Waist: Tunnel Rat '87
Legs: Range-Viper '90

Gun: Dial-Tone '90
Walkie-talkie: Dial-Tone '00
Backpack: TF Lifeline '88

The Tiger Force Dial-Tone from the 5-pack was an OK figure, but I didn't like the blue. I started messing around with some Tiger Force parts and suddenly I found the Lifeline chest and arms looking good with the Dial-Tone head. The Range-Viper legs looked nice as well, because there is some grey on the chest too. The waist was not so easy to find, that took me a couple of hours. I added the walkie-talkie because that gave him a more convincing communications specialist look.

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