Head: Downtown (modified)
Arms: Mega Marine Clutch
Torso: Tiger Force Outback
Waist: Croc Master
Thighs: Unknown
Feet: Mega Marine Clutch

Victor Stone got ravaged by a monster while he was in his father's lab. He ended up having his father building him a robotic body. Cyborg, even though he is one of DC's later characters (1980), is also among the most popular, showing up regularly in the pages of Teen Titans.

This was a custom made for the NJC #19 - Cyborg. As with all of my customs, he is made using RAH parts. I modded a good deal on the head, and had some slight modifications to a couple of the other body parts as well. This is the second time I have used a broken crotch for a custom without it really bothering me.

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