Head: Viper (v10) 2003
Torso: Beachhead (v1) 1986
Arms: Snake Eyes (v3) 1989
Waist: Mercer (v1) 1987
Upper legs: Mercer (v1) 1987
Lower legs: Cobra soldier (v1.5) 1983

Backpack: Beachhead (v1) 1986
Weapon: Unknown

There are many different specialties in the Viper ranks, but none are as bad ass as Black Ops "Special Missions" Viper. Using state of the art metal reinforced black armor, these guys are up to any task. They're so tough, they don't worry about their shiny patches... They love the attention it attracts, because they'll have more enemies to take care of that way!

This was the second custom I made. The idea was to create an infantry soldier that went well with my "Black Cobra Commander".

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