Head: Undertow (v1) 1990
Torso: Skidmark (v1) 1988
Waist: Shockwave (v1) 1988
Legs: Shockwave (v1) 1988
Arms: Updraft (v1) 1990

Weapon: Tomax / Xamot (v3) 2002
Backpack: Alley Viper (v1) 1989

Born from a Cook Island mother and a Hawaiian father, Anju and Dato used to play hide and seek a lot in the exotic forests of Cook Island, which formed the basis of their ghost-like skills at a very young age. These inseparable and highly intelligent "silent siblings" left the Cook Island at the age of 18 to train with the New Zealand Commandos. After many missions, they decided to join the ranks of Cobra. Whenever Cobra wants to sabotage a G.I. Joe base or a target dealt with silently, the Aedes Twins cleared the job before Firefly even receives the memo.

"Don't underestimate these two. Together they form the perfect two men army that can deal with any situation under any circumstances. I would not like to be on their target list!" - Storm Shadow

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