Head: Galoob Murdock 1984
Torso: Hawk (v2) 1986 - modified
Arms: Hawk (v2) 1986
Waist: Sgt. Slaughter (v3) 1988
Upper-legs: TF Duke (v2) 1988
Lower-legs: TF Recondo (v2) 1988 - modified

Billy was pretty hard to create. The only model of a dog I had, was this way out of proportion St. Bernard model. I had to do a lot of dremeling to turn that into the nostalgic tv dog we all learned to love as if he was our own.

"If it has wings, I can fly it", that's H.M. "HOWLING MAD" MURDOCK's catch phrase. He is the A-TEAM's pilot and indeed... he can fly any kind of aircraft with extreme precision. It is suggested one has to be insane to do the stunts he does as a helicopter and airplane pilot. According to B.A., MURDOCK indeed went insane after his plane crashed in Vietnam. He lives in a Veterans' Hospital in the mental wing and whenever the rest of the team requires a pilot, they have to break him out of the hospital, generally using FACE to do so. Indeed, because he is not actually wanted by the military, MURDOCK is often the only team member to evade capture by a given enemy or the military police. MURDOCK and his loyal, but invisible, dog Billy have single-handedly rescued the other team members several times. Proving that despite his purported mental status, MURDOCK is a thoroughly competent member of the team when needed to be.

B.A.: "I thought you said you wasn't crazy anymore?" MURDOCK: "Only on paper."

I think we can all agree that the 1984 Galoob versions were almost criminally insulting for these childhood heroes! So I desided to challenge myself: to give the 1984 Galoob heads a Hasbro body that these icons of the '80's truely deserve!

I modified the colar of Hawk's jacket and I created Converse's out of Recondo's army boots. Loads of fun with this one!

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