Head: Cobra Commander (v18) 2004
Torso: Cesspool (v1) 1991
Arms: Cobra Commander (v18) 2004
Waist: Stratoviper (v1) 1986
Legs: Stratoviper (v1) 1986

Cowl: Serpentor (v1) 1986
Cape: Dr. Mindbender (v1) 1986

This was the third custom I did. I love black uniforms especially combined with silver and gold! It just screams "I am in control!", exactly the message Cobra Commander would want to express.

So I combined combined different parts of very "powerfull" aspects of cobra uniforms known to Hasbro: the big cobra-logo on Cesspools chest, Serpentors Cobra Cowl and of course the black and silver Dr. Mindbender's cape!

At first I used Cobra Commander's v18 waist and legs as well, but then I found Strato-viper's parts and they just begged to become part of Cobra Commander. Since I love painting details, the little buttons on the side of these legs were loads of fun to paint.

This one has a nice place in my collection and it'll stay there for a long time if I can help it...

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