Head: Ambush (v1) 1990 - modified
Torso: Recoil (v1) 198
Waist: Super Trooper (v1) 1988
Arms: Ghostrider (v1) 1988
Upper legs: Law (v1) 1988
Lower legs: Dusty (v1) 1985

Helmet: Accessory Pack #5 (1987) - modified
Backpack: Dialtone (v6) 2002
Ghillie suit: Wool and cotton thread, fishing net (used in aquariums)
Sniper rifle: Marauders Inc.

I always liked the idea of Ambush, but never the way Hasbro did the figure, so I made one myself. It's the first time I used a small piece of sponge to make the (digital) camo pattern on his pants and I'm very happy with the result. I used the same technique on the backpack.

I made the ghillie suit using some different threads which I... uhm..."borrowed" from my wife. I also used the netting of an aquarium fishing net for both creating the suit and the at the back of the helmet.

I painted a camo pattern on the Marauders Inc sniper rifle and glued some string on the silencer, to make it more realistic. I used medical tape to create the tailored sheath for the rifle and the pouch on the backpack. Hidden magnets make the sheath detachable, without compromizing the overall look of the custom.

The overall pallet is pretty dark, which makes this Ambush kind of "Night Forcy", but that wasn't really my goal (but certainly a nice bonus!).

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