Head: Outback (v1) 1987 - modified
Torso: Wild Card (v1) 1988 - modified
Arms: Salvo (v1) 1990
Waist: Guile (v1) 1993
Upper legs: Hardball (v1) 1988
Lower legs: Muskrat (v1) 1988

Backpack(s): Outback (v1) 1987 combined with Wild Card (v1) 1988
Shotgun, knife, bag, C4: Marauders Inc

Dart is one of the characters that is lacking an o-ring style figure. I just had to fix that! For Dart I was looking for a head with a strong jaw line and a bandana and I decided to dremel it myself out of an Outback head (see the last picture). The extra hair I created using green stuff (actually it's my first attempt in sculpting hair using green stuff).

I loved painting all the little details on this one: the two different colours black in the shoes, the buttons and zipper on his vest and even the wires on the C4. Let me say this custom tested my patience to the max.

(sorry for the dust on Dart in the pictures... I just dremeled another custom prior to taking these pictures and I didn't notice it until after I took the pictures...)

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