Head: Salvo (v1) 1989 - mod
Torso: Salvo (v1) 1989
Upper arms: Recondo (v2) 1988
Lower arms: Tunnelrat (v1) 1987 - mod
Waist: Mainframe (v1) 1986
Lower Legs and left upper leg: Blizzard (v1) 1988
Right upper leg: Sludge Viper (v1) 1991 - mod

Armor: I combined parts of three different Marauder's Inc. armors and some fodder parts to create the armor. I added some pouches and a radio from Marauder's Inc.

Weapon and cap: Marauder's Inc.

"When the first ship came to Johannesburg in 1982, FISHER couldn't realise what impact this phenomenon would have on his life. Being a regular "Afrikaner", he went to a normal high school and helped his father on the farm after he finished his homework. On a fateful day many years later, a small group of the PRAWNS left their district to raid the surrounding areas. Probably in search of cat food, they entered FISHER's farm and looted the cabinets. FISHER's father caught one of them in the back garden carrying a spare tire and having the end of the cat's tail clearly sticking out of his facial tendrils. Sadly, the following gunshots must have drawn the attention of the other PRAWNS as FISHER found his father's body heavily damaged after the dust settled.

The following years, FISHER started training in different camps and facilities and became quite skilled in hand to hand combat and different Multi National United's assault and tactical firearms. During training FISHER caught KOOBUS VENTER's eye, due to his skills and what seemed to be a strong indifference for PRAWN's welfare or even life. FISHER was therefore VENTER's first choice when he was asked by MNU to form a taskforce to restore order in the districts of Johannesburg."

I loved doing this custom, since I'm a big District 9 fan!

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