Head: Spearhead (v1) 1988 - mod
Torso: Wild Card (v1) 1988 - mod
Left Upper arm: Croc Master (v1) 1987 - mod
Left Lower arm: B.A.T.S. (v1) 1986
Right arm: Croc Master (v1) 1987
Waist: Zanzibar (v1) 1987 - mod
Legs: Zanzibar (v1) 1987 - mod

Hood: AVAC-labs - mod
Mask: Marauder Inc. - mod
Skull: miliput copy of Croc Master's (v1) 1987 crocodile
The removable chest armor is made from black milliput (using Blue Stuff) and Marauder Inc. webgear.
Waist, leg and armor made from black miliput (using blue Stuff).

Although CROC MASTER lives and breathes reptiles, even he can't afford the smallest distraction while training his ferocious pets. Unfortunately, he learned this the hard way. One of his favourite crocs "bit the hand that fed him"... and not just the hand! Portraying one of purest "death rolls" CROC MASTER had ever seen, the beast tore his arm and shoulder clean off. COBRA COMMANDER used this opportunity to experiment with new cyborg technology, similar to that used for OVERKILL's creation. CROC MASTER grew accustomed to his new robotic arm very fast and the first mission he used it for, was to punish the cause of it all. The skin armour plates and skull shield made of his once so dear pet, serve as a warning to his latest and greatest victory as an animal trainer: a fierce Postosuchus, created by DR. MINDBENDER and DESTRO.


Wow... This is by far my favorite custom for this year! I learned how to use Blue Stuff to make a mold and make copies using milliput. something I'll use many times in customs to come!

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