Head: Custom cast by Solomon Witt - modified
Torso: Zanzibar (v1) 1987 - modified
Arms: Serpentor (v1) 1986
Waist: Zanzibar (v1) 1987
Legs: Royal Guard (v1) 1987

Headdress: Serpentor (v1) 1986
Cape: Some old t-shirt I had laying around

After Serpentor's failure to lead Cobra to world domination, Dr. Mindbender used Cobra Commander's unique DNA, after it was modified by Golobulus, as the base to create the real ultimate leader for Cobra. Using the Crimson Guard as an elite body guard and special opperations force, nothing will stop Cobra from dominating the planet!

I bought this custom cast head from Solomon Witt and was planning on making the "I once was a man"- version of Cobra Commander. After the inspirational internet study (which I always do when I start a new custom) I found out that there are many, many, many vintage style customs of this character.... So I decided to do something different!

The biggest challenge was to fit the modern style head on a vintage style body. I use a junker head as a neck ball donor and I used green stuff to blend the neck and the head together. I also used green stuff to create the "ventral scales" on the Zanzibar torso, creating a real humanoid version of a snake.

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