Head: Firefly (v12) 2005 - modified
Rest of the body: Snow Serpent (v1) 1985 - modified

The added holsters, sheaths, C4, knife, glasses, pouches and weapons are all Marauder's Inc.'s and fully functional.

I chose to paint the entire body in a digital camo pattern using Firefly's (v1) colour scheme and adding some white to create the arctic "feel" of it. The fur has some brown in it, simulating real fur. For obvious reasons, I gave the magazines on his chest the same colour as the one in his uzi.

I had to creat a ball neck joint, since the head had the 1984 type. I used a discarded Snow Serpent head as a donor, so I knew for sure the neck joit would fitt the torso perfectly.

I used blue stuff and milliput to create the details on the torso. I had to dremel away some of the existing details on Snow Serpents torso, to make Beachhead's (v1) ammo pockets and Night Vulture's (v1) grenades. I copied some other grenades as well, but I don't know who's anymore.

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