Head: Gnawgahyde (v1) 1989 - modified
Torso: Sgt. Slaughter (v3) 1988
Arms: Gnawgahyde (v1) 1989 - modified
Waist: Gnawgahyde (v1) 1989
Legs: Hit & Run (v1) 1988

Hat: Gnawgahyde (v1) 1989
Compound bow, arrows, knife, sheeth & riffle: Marauders Inc.

Hyena: Schleich - modified

Who hunts with a boar? Seriously... who??

The original hat has a pattern in it, but it's not painted by Hasbro. So I figured I would paint it in the colours of the very rare white tiger Gnawhahyde obviously killed, since he's such a b@st@rd. The camo on his pants came along as I went with it. I gave the huniting rifle a tiger pattern too, just because it looks great and it fits the character!

I added some scars to Gnawgahyde's head and right arm. I just cut away some of the plastic and then painted it. I made the wound in the hyena's neck the same way. The chain fits nice and well into it.

The quiver is made from scratch. I used paper and medical tape and greenstuff (the back peg). It's fully functional and can contain arrows and the rifle or the bow.

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