Head: Krexx custom
Torso: Bullhorn (v1) 1990
Upper arms: Tunnelrat (v1) 1987
Lower arms: Capt. Grid-Iron (v1) 1990
Waist: Bullhorn (v1) 1990
Legs: Dusty (v1) 1985

Hat + sniper riffle: Marauder Inc.
Backpack: made from Roadblock's (v3) 1988 and Ripper's (v1) 1985 backpack, modified with green stuff and medical tape.

I painted a 4 colours digital camo. I only used Revell Aquacolor Acryllic paints.

The back pack:
I made the interactive back pack from scratch using green stuff to copy the front of a Marauder Inc back back, Roadblock (v3) 1988 and Ripper (v1) 1985 backpack fraim and a lot of medical tape to create the pouches for the riffle, the silencer and the scope. All parts can be taken apart and put back togethre again, which makes it a real fun custom to pose in many different positions.

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