Head: Gnawgahyde (v1) 1989 - modified
Torso: Armadillo (v1) 1988
Upper arms: Technoviper (v1) 1987 - modified
Left lower arm: Dodger (v1) 1988
Right lower arm: Muskrat (v1) 1988
Waist: Cross-Country (v2) 1993
Legs: Cross-Country (v2) 1993 - modified

Tablet and laptop: Marauder Inc.

The entire custom is painted in citadel paints and washes. I've been experimenting with some techniques I picked up painting Warhammer minis. I used different shadings, highlighting and dry brushing to create the "weathered jeans look" and I used the same techniques to create a more realistic colour pallet in the purple t-shirt. It would have been a bit boring if I only used one colour purple...

I transplanted Dodger's and Muskrat's lower arms to Techno-viper's upper arms and used green stuff to turn them into t-shirt sleeves. I used my Dremel and green stuff to sculpt the torn jeans on his left knee. I used brown stuff to turn Gnawgahydes head into a more "hipster" kind of guy, with a nice long beard and a semi-mohawk.

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