Head: Eels (v1) 1986 - mod
Torso: Wet-Suit (v6) 2001 - mod
Upper arms: Wet-Suit (v6) 2001
Lower arms: Deep Six (v2) 1989
Waist: Undertow (v1) 1990
Legs: Undertow (v1) 1990 - mod

Backpack + fins: Accessory Pack #6 1988

A friend asked for a commission of a Cobra Eels in Python Patrol colours. He loves the red and golden theme, so I chose to make that one for him.

For this custom I used Revell Aqua Colours acrylic paints and Citadel acrylic paints and washes. I spray painted the entire build with a black primer and painted over that. I used some shading an highlight techniques I picked up painting Warhammer minis. This is most noticeable in the face, which looks quite life like.

Wow... I had to modify a lot for this one. I added details on the legs, on the torso, on the backback, and on the head. Mostly extra hoses to give this Eels a more bad-ass long-term diver apprearance.

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