Head: Deep Six '84
Torso: Grunt '82
Arms, Waist, Legs: Torpedo '83
Weapon: 2006 Stormtrooper Blaster (modified)
Tricorder thingy: Firefly accessory pack phone (modified)

This is Logan 5, a Sandman enforcer in the City of Domes as depicted in the 1976 scifi classic, Logan's Run. He is portrayed by Michael York. One day I looked at an old Deep Six figure, and thought, wow, he looks alot like Michael York! So, armed with an old Torpedo figure and some Grunt parts, I went to work to create a Sandman action figure. I filed away at the Grunt torso and Torpedo legs to make them smooth and featureless, and found a perfect weapon for him as well - a modern era Stormtrooper blaster with the scope snapped off. The result is a Sandman even a Runner could love.

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