Head: Toxo Viper
Torse/Waist/Legs: Corps!
Arms:Frostbite 2002
Helmet: Low Light 2001
Random Guns

Cobra Stormtroopers were the precursors to the Neo Vipers. Stormtroopers were Dr.Mindbender's pet project back in the 80's after the Serpentor debacle. Stormtroopers are regular vipers who volunteer to be "upgraded". These upgrades include heavy duty armor, Cybernetic replacement body parts,enhanced strength, highly accute senses, and can adapt to any environment with ease. The helmets plug directly into their brains and provide radar, infared, GPS positioning and high-tech communications devices on demand. Stormtroopers only reached prototype stage with only a handful of recruits who underwent the operation. Almost immediately after the first tests were conducted, Cobra was shut down in the memorable strike that ended their reign of terror. Upon the re-emergence of Cobra, Mindbender used his earlier data on the Stormtroopers to create the Neo-Vipers.

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