Head/Hands: Cobra Trooper v12
Rest: Python Patrol 'Officer' v2
- Beret: Marauder Inc
- Helmet: Cobra Night Watch Trooper
- Belt: Tripwire v5
- AKM-74U: Marauder Inc
- Knife: Cobra Trooper v12

The vast majority in an organisation like Cobra would be personnel of a more routine variety, but as the organisation grew in size and scope there would be more diversity than just all blueshirts. This is another in my series of Cobra troopers with modest but important functions.

File Name: Various
Primary Specialty: Armoured Vehicle Driver
Secondary Specialty: Ordnance Loader
Birthplace: Various
Grade: E1 and higher

Despite advances in technology and automation, tanks still require crews to operate them - drivers, loaders, gunners and crew commanders. These vehicles and crews together make up Cobra's Armoured Legion, divided into Heavy, Medium and Light Armoured formations. Given the prestige that Cobra Command accords to its armoured strike capabilities (in no small part due to the occupational hazard of being a tank crewman), these troopers wear distinctive uniforms that differentiate them by formation type and from the infantry. While the HISS Commanders (sub-unit leaders and above) may wear the famously ornate uniforms, below them - in rank and tank - are the scores of troopers crewing the fighting vehicles in battle.

This trooper - in a black uniform - belongs to a Heavy Armoured Division. Depicted in one image is the insignia of the Armoured Legion.

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