Heads: Home-cast of Viper
Torso/Waist: Duke v8 / Sidetrack
Arms: Sidetrack
Legs: Sidetrack
- Weapons: Sidetrack
- Transmitter 'gun': Televiper
- Backpacks: Sidetrack/Stretcher
- Cobra sticker: Home-made

The Bush-Vipers, a Viper Regiment of backwoods-oriented soldiers, regard themselves as the true Cobra Wilderness Troopers. They refer to the Range-Vipers as the 'Strange-Vipers' or 'Cobra Weirdness Troopers', and probably for good reason: Range-Vipers are glorified, self-sufficient guerrilla fighters who, while admirable in their ability to get the job done, are odd loners who can cause a lot of damage but don't work well with others. The Bush-Vipers, on the other hand, are a well-honed team whose specialty is to close with and destroy the enemy in the wilds. Most armies avoid the forest, but these soldiers have no trouble slithering through them, striking at the time and place of their choosing.

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