Head: Cobra Trooper v12
Body: Cobra Trooper v2
- Helmet: Cobra Bazooka Trooper
- Vest: Cobra Viper v19
- Harness: Unknown GI Joe
- AKM-74U: Marauder Inc

File Name: Various
Primary Specialty: Heliborne Infantry
Secondary Specialty: Security
Birthplace: Various
Grade: E2 or higher

Cobra HOPLITEs* are air transportable infantry Legionary Troopers. Armed with weapons suited to helicopter transport, such as the AKM-74U and other more compact systems, Hoplites can operate in a variety of infantry roles with moderate self sufficiency at some distance from the main body of troops. Typically they are not employed in maximally aggressive roles, air assault being purview of Vipers. Rather, Hoplites are on the ORBAT to afford battlefield mobility to Blueshirt forces where time or terrain accessibility are considerations. Their roles are normally to seize poorly defended objectives or to occupy ground for defensive purposes. Hoplites number about one Company per Brigade. They are distinct from but interoperable with the Cobra Scythe, the Cobra Air Legion's ground pounders who operate in a Security Screen / Skirmish and Counter-reconnaissance role.

*Heliborne OPerations Light Infantry Trooper Element

**The symbol of Heliborne troops is depicted in the first photo (courtesy of Dream from JC Wiki)

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