Head/torso: Beach Head v5
Arms/thighs: Ninja Trooper
Lower legs: Dusty v8
Helmet: Home casting of Overkill v2's
LMG: Duke v20

Co-incident to Hasbro revealing their new sculpt (with crap helmet), I recently completed another in my own line of re-envisioned Blueshirts, which started with my Officer, Warrant Officer and NCO a ways back. My main goal here was to see if I could make use of some of the horrible Ninja Trooper parts, since I bought lots of that VvV army builder case. I prefer the Dart parts for a bulkier look but this is not bad for an experiment.

The Cobra JNCO is another essential part of the battlefield team. He is second in command of the small squads and sections that are the basic groupings of larger sub-units led by Officers. He is also the link between the troops and the Sergeant, responsible for ensuring orders are carried out and motivating the soldiers to stay strong, focused and cohesive in the face of the enemy. This Master-Corporal is the Fire Team Leader.

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