Torso/Weapon: Beach Head v5
Rest: Alley-Viper II (v8)

Who said AV II bits couldn't be salvaged!? OK, well sorta...

BOLT-Vipers (Battlefield Overland Link-up Teams) live up to their names! These troops are drawn from among the fastest soldiers in the Cobra Legions and are specially recruited from track and field athletes, especially sprinters and hurdlers. BOLT-Vipers could be considered ultra-light infantry. Their job is to get overland as quickly as possible and link up with isolated deep operations elements and reinforce them or cover their extraction. They are equipped with sophisticated suits that heighten speed and endurance - their masks maximise airflow to the lungs, improving cardiovascular performance, and their leg and footwear enhances stride, speed and power. Select BOLT-Vipers go on to train with the Metro Division (Urban Assault) where they are known as Alley-Viper Chargers.

Shown here is a BOLT-Viper NCO.

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