Head: Beachhead v5
Torso: Overkill v2
Arms: Zartan v6
Waist/Legs: Dart v2
- Helmet/Backpack: Guillotine
- Rifle: Sand Scorpion
- Knife: Gung Ho v11

File Name: John Rigel Krueze
Primary Military Specialty: Infantry
Secondary Military Specialty: Grenadier
Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Grade: EP-5 (Sergeant, Paladin Roll)

Armatus, a Viper Corps Sergeant, is a tough and distinguished hero of Cobra's infantry forces. Already an impressive soldier with demonstrated combat leadership abilities, he really earned his stripes in the battles for the Cobra-supported breakaway Central Asian Republic of Azuristan. In exchange for resource concessions, Cobra provided 'advisors' to the separatist faction in the form of the Volunteer Expeditionary Brigade, commanded by Fer-de-Lance.

During particularly nasty fighting, Armatus' platoon of Vipers was gassed by Government forces, inflicting burns and minor lung damage. This would not stop Armatus, however, and he would seek vengeance for such a treacherous act. Having served under Fer-de-Lance in the French Foreign Legion, permission to lead a retribution mission was swift in coming. Once he recovered, his squad of veterans tracked down and killed the enemy commander who had ordered the gas attack. Deep in enemy territory, he further demonstrated his leadership and gallantry as he fought his patrol back to friendly lines while inflicting significant damage on enemy forces. For these actions he was awarded the Silver Serpent of Valour medal, giving him the status of Paladin of Cobra which gives the bearer rights to nom-de-guerre. This latter honour allows the bearer to select a distinctive name and dress, a significant mark of prestige within the Cobra Legions. As a result of the gas incident, however, Armatus wears an oxygenated helmet to optimise his performance. He is currently a section commander in a Storm-Viper shock troop. The red shield in his photo represents his status as Paladin.
* Expanding from my series on Cobra senior leadership, I felt it was time to do some other unique characters in the Cobra universe, namely soldiers who had distinguished themselves in the service of Cobra.

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