Head: Snake Eyes v23
Torso/Waist: Sand Scorpion v1
Arms: Sand Scorpion v2
Legs: Tunnel Rat v6
- Helmet: Steel Brigade 6-pack
- Tac-Vest: Gung-Ho v14
- Rifle: Marauder Inc Pulse Rifle

File Name: Various
Primary Military Specialty: High Readiness Forces
Secondary Military Specialty: SOF QRF / Covering Forces
Birthplace: Various
Grade: E-3 (Cobra Corporal) or higher

Viper Commandos and Mambas (Viper Rangers) - together form the Commando Executive within the Cobra Legions. Although the organisation is essentially a force-generation and training cadre, the troops of the Executive effectively constitute Cobra's tier-three special operations forces. The Mamba Regiment of Viper Rangers encompasses three companies of Green Mambas (who are the high readiness / QRF* for conventional forces) and one company of Black Mambas.* The Mamba Regiment is a unit of Colonel Fer-de-Lance's Viper Expeditionary Brigade.

The Black Mambas are a company of Viper Rangers who cross-train with Cobra's Special Operations troops. Select Green Mambas cross over to the Black Mambas after a successful 6-month tour in with the former. While more of an advanced light infantry unit than true Special Ops troops, Black Mambas nonetheless tend to have a superiority complex, since they're the ones who get called when Cobra's SOF*** guys get in trouble (notably SPEAR-Vipers). And the SOF guys would have a hard time rebuking them for this, since the Black Mambas put their lives on the line to get the former out alive.

* Quick Reaction Force

** This is a somewhat similar concept to the Parachute Companies found within Canadian light infantry battalions

*** Special Operations Forces

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