Head: Blowtorch v2
Body: Barrel Roll v1
- Helmet/Wrist Comm: Salvo v2
- Tac-Vest/Cap: Gung-Ho v14
- Goggles: Tunnel Rat v6
- Rifle: BAT v3
- Phone: Destro v7
- Antennae: Off Gung-Ho v16 paintball gun, hoses

File Name: Various
Primary Military Specialty: Forward Air Controller
Secondary Military Specialty: Communications Operator
Birthplace: Various
Grade: E-5 (Cobra Master Corporal) or higher

ASPECT-Vipers* are the Cobra Air Legions' elite ground pounders - the eyes and ears directing and controlling air-dropped ordinance for 'terminal effects.' Typically, though not exclusively, they are deployed with Cobra Special Operations Forces conducting direct action activities. ASPECTs are highly trained in ground operations and with using the vast, sophisticated array of communication and targeting tools at their disposal. These include image intensifiers, laser target designators and a suite of ground-air relay equipment and transponders. For obvious reasons, Rattler pilots and ASPECT-Vipers have a mutual fondness for each other.

* Air-Surface Precision Effects ConTroller

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