Head: Black Out
Torso: Duke v12
Arms: Dart v2
Waist/Legs: Cobra Commander v13
- Helmet/Blades: Serpentor v4
- MP-5: BBI

File Name: Hamish MacAlpine
Primary Military Specialty: Infantry
Secondary Military Specialty: Intelligence
Birthplace: Pitlochry, Scotland
Grade: OP-4 (Major, Paladin Roll)

Broadsword is perhaps the most highly decorated Cobra Officer, holding four known gallantry honours. A former member of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, he rose to the rank of Captain. At the end of his period of service, he served briefly with the private security arm of the Duke of Atholl's Highlanders (believed to be affiliated with fellow Scot Destro). During a period of warm relations between Cobra and the Iron Grenadiers, Broadsword signed on with Cobra, although his relationship with Destro has always been strong and personal; this has generated some suspicions within Cobra's hierarchy.

Nonetheless, his service to the Cobra Legions has been as impressive and it has been diverse. It is reported that he led a Jungle-Viper platoon against the Colombian rebel group FARC, defeating a significant force and carving out a safe area for Cobra interests in a mineral rich zone along the Venezuelan border. It is also reported that he played a significant role in defeating a Wahabbi insurgency in support of the Emir of Benzheen, at times fighting in hand-to-hand combat. He also reportedly fought alongside a pro-Cobra faction in the Boravian Civil War. Recent reports have placed him working with the Georgian government in the showdown over the breakaway Abkhazia region.

For his valiant service to Cobra he was invested as a Legion Officer of the Cobra Imperial Order of Valour (honour shown in photo), as a holder of the Silver Serpent of Valour, the Gilded Helm of Cobra and the Emperor's Order of the Dagger Axe.

* Another in my Paladin series of unique characters in the Cobra universe - soldiers who have distinguished themselves in the service of Cobra.

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