Head: Razor Trooper
Torso: Recondo v4
Arms: Gung-Ho v8
Waist/Legs: Duke v12
- Vest/Shotgun: Steel Brigade 6-pack
- Shield: Wide Scope
- Grenade Launcher: BBI

One of the Legions of Cobra's land forces is the Provost Force Command. The Provost Force is a paramilitary organisation responsible for internal security within Cobra's imperial federated territories, dependencies and installations. Its two agencies are the Frontier Agency, responsible for border security, and the Cobra Security Service, which provides a gendarmerie and a sentry force.

The Cobra Gendarmerie is responsible for maintaining order in a paramilitary, quasi-police role within Cobra's overtly affiliated territories. It is responsible for the broader 'order' component of law and order, however, rather than dealing with minor criminal matters. Accordingly, the Cobra Troopers belonging to the Gendarmerie are mostly given military training and are employed to deal with internal security threats, such as insurrections, or violent organised dissent.

Controlling demonstrations and public disorder, when beyond the capability of local police, falls to Cobra Civil Order Troopers. Not a large or sophisticated cadre, there may be one platoon per Gendarmerie battalion with this secondary designation. They are usually Troopers with a larger build who are given additional training in crowd control and the use of less-than-lethal systems. However, they are not above using whatever means necessary to contain threats to Cobra's interests.

* Cobra Troopers with yellow webbing/trim belong to the Provost Force, hence this Civil Order Trooper's colour scheme. The roundel shown in photo 3 is the emblem of the Gendarmerie.

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