Body: Cobra Trooper (various versions)
Head: IJ German Soldier
- Rifle: Comic Pack Crimson Guard
- Bandolier: Skyduster
- Knife: Cobra Trooper

File Name: Various
Primary Specialty: Basic Infantry
Secondary Specialty: Partisan
Birthplace: Various
Grade: E1 to E4

Although the Cobra Militia fall under the conventional forces of the SCALE Legion and nominally have a command structure, they are the most basic troops in Cobra's land forces. As part-time auxiliaries within Cobra territories, these troops are issued with a standard Cobra jumpsuit, basic kit and a rifle, and are taught how to follow orders, shoot and move. Organised in small 4-man Cells grouped three to a Cadre, select and trusted individuals are trained in the use of explosives and serve as Cadre leaders. These Cadres normally fall under a regional Militia Company commanded and staffed by Cobra Reserve and Regular troops. Militiamen are called out for yearly refresher training but otherwise remain dormant until activated by their local command. Their role is to conduct harassing attacks against the enemy in the event that a Cobra territory is invaded.

The banner shown is a Cobra Militia Cadre unit pennant.

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