Head: RoC Zartan
Body: Cobra Commander v34
- Hat: Gung Ho v16
- Helmet: Razor Claw
- Webbing: Snake Eyes v28
- AK variant: Marauder Inc
- Misc GI Joe pistols

Brigadier Venatic came from a long line of German soldiers and had a reputation as a young officer in the Bundeswehr for being incredibly physically tough. He was destined for a sucessful military career, however, he defected to Cobra during the early days of the UN mission in the former Yugoslavia, frustrated with the bureaucratic nature of multinational operations.

His time with Cobra has been decidedly at the 'pointy end', first serving with Destro's Own Independent Parachute Company (as seen in GI Joe # 14) and distinguishing himself leading a PIT*-Viper company seizing vital bridges in Cobra's campaign in Molvania. He subsequently rose to command various Light Infantry and QRF** units, including the Mamba Regiment of Viper Rangers. In addition to leading Cobra's spearhead troops, he has also reportedly served in Cobra's intelligence division, although further details on what he did in that capacity are not known.

He currently commands the 5th Viper Air Assault Brigade, which encompasses airborne and heliborne troops and an aviation regiment.

The badge shown is that of the 5th Viper Air Assault Brigade.

* PIT - Parachute InfilTration
** QRF - Quick Reaction Force

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