-Head Snow serpent V7
-25th Snow serpent
-Polar bear viking set
-Black leather
-Sculpt and paint ware job

Polar claw its a tracker commando who lives in Alaska mountains. He is the first recluse in arctic cobra missions, but he always stay in his environment until cobra need him.

He is an expert in tracking, survival and hunting. He always use silent weapons like a ballesta, a pair of axes and a shield.

When he was young he rescued and kept a rare pair of blue head polar bears. One night a group of wolfs tried to attack him. One of the bears was kill while trying to save him and he swore to protect the other one. That's the reason that he carries the skin of the bear who safe him for don't forget his promise.

If cobra need to get something in the worst arctic environment, he's the man for the job.

thanks for look, enjoy the figure.

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