-Roc Firefly Toys R Us exclusive
-Snow job lower coat
-Custom viper machine gun
-Pistol roc duke
-holster Broken arrow

-Molding and painting job

I made this custom, because I really like Firefly. In fact, he is my favorite Cobra and I have almost all versions of the vintage figures. One of my favorites is the arctic team one, so I thought I should do this version on 25th kind.

I started the job cutting the harness and then proceeded to paint all of the body and the parts. I put on the holster and the lower coat, then painted all the details. When I finished the first paint job, I glued the holster and lower coat part, then I did the second paint part, the dirty and snow effects to all of the body including the backpack, weapons and goggles.

The other hard job was to custom the machine gun. I chose the viper's rifle because I really like it. That rifle, if you look carefully, has a machine gun and a rifle in one weapon with silencer. Excellent for a soldier like Firefly's profile.

First i cut the buttstock because its too large and I put a smaller, modern one. Then I removed the thin magazine, and drilled the weapon body to put it on and put off the magazine of the original figure. So the result is a nice machine gun with removable magazines and an extra in the Firefly side pouch bag.

The last step was cover the figure with a flat clear finish.

As a result of the job, I have a nice figure for my collection with great range of motion. Thanks for looking. Enjoy!!

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