Retaliation wave 1 Snake Eyes- torso, upper arms, knees, feet
Retaliation wave 1 Storm Shadow- lower legs
25th B.A.T.- lower arms, backpack
upper legs- ?
head- cast by AVACSLAB

Basically I had a B.A.T. v.2 head lying around (thanks, Coby) and figured one day I needed to get around to making a figure for it. After seeing a couple of v.2 customs on the Joe Customs Critiques Facebook page and scoring a cheap-o set of the Retaliation preview set (with Storm Shadow, Snake Eyes, Roadblock, and Cobra Commander) I decided to give it a go. Based on what I had on hand I went with a sleeker, more futuristic look, as I figured a v.2 should look a little more refined than the v.1.

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