General structure made from a vacuum pump protective case.

The walls are made from milk box cardboard covered with home-printed gray brick pattern using Photoshop.

The ground uses the same principle of the wall, but with another Photoshop pattern.

The computer controller system and screens were based on Dr. Who computers. The control panels are from airplanes, polymer structures, Quake game based maps and some other assorted images.

I also used one bird bath though, to make something similar to an ecstasy chamber.

Well, this is it.
This is my idea for the Cobra Guerrilla Laboratory.

The Lab was made in july/2004, and the figures shown in the pictures are in a different shape today.

I made this Lab to use with all the customs that I listed in the Joe Customs archive. In those descriptions I mentioned this Lab.

In this Lab, Dr. Mindbender, Voltar and Overlord have developed the ultimate security guys: Black Devil and Black Heart. To keep the Lab secure, General Snake, Cobra Sergeant, Cobra Soldier, Flame Viper, Steel Cobra and Butcher fave been assigned to the Lab group.
And to adequately operate the Lab, Steel Face, Under Operation and Under Controlfinish are in the group.

It is not possible to see well in these photos, but the Lab has one "body scanner", were it is possible to put one figure in a "stretcher" with a focus light and a nuclear magnetic resonance analysis. Maybe sometime I'll show off this isolated feature in another custom for this playset.

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