Top: Push on light, 80 guage clear styrene sheet for the Lantern symbol, plumbing pipe fitting
Central sphere: 12 inch world globe
Base and lamps: green plastic bowls
Paint: Holt's Metallic Electric Green for Lotus
Guardians: Star Wars Clone Wars Jawas, with heads cast from the Green Lantern PVC statuette box set Guardians

I had started planning a Green Lantern set of customs late last year. When NJC #50 was announced, I had a look through the categories and saw that a power battery had been done for the Lair challenge. Perfect excuse for making one to go with my figures.
I started looking around at various methods of doing one, but most were either too complex or too expensive. I settled on a world globe for the sphere, some bowls for the base and lamps and took it from there. I looked around various car shops for paint, but finally decided on splurging on some professional quality car body paint.
After going through three inch and a half thick catalogues, I settled on Metallic Electric Green for Lotus cars. It was only when I started posing the figures next to it that I realised just how big the thing was. I left the inside of the bowls unpainted to simulate a green glow.

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