Materials used in the construction of this base:

- styropor/isopor from computer monitor protective package

- wood stiks, milk box "tetrapack", assorted carboard and hot melt glue were used to joint the two protective isopor structures and make the walkway platforms

This Cobra Jungle Base was made in April/2004 and it exists no more today.

I made this Cobra Jungle Base to use in some dio-stories/dioramas with Joe versus Cobra combatants.

This is a simple base, with space to land little aircraft devices/vehicles (like the Sea-Ray, Fang, etc) and an open "garage" to put, say, four to five small ground vehicles (like a Stinger, Ferret, Venom Cycle, Parasite, HISS, etc).

I hope that the community enjoys this playset.

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